Stuart Bennett, CSWA

Certified Social Worker Associate

Stuart Bennett, MSW, CSWA, Equine Specialist

Stuart is a Certified Social Worker Associate, CSWA and is currently in clinical supervision for LCSW licensure. 

Stuart is a 2015 graduate of Portland State University’s Masters of Social Work  Program, he also earned an additional Graduate Certificate in Gerontology focusing on Successful Aging & End of Life Care.

His therapeutic frameworks include Crisis Intervention, Principles of Empowerment, Life Stages Theory, Narrative Therapy & Motivational Interviewing. 

His focus areas include PTSD, Addictions, Grief & Loss, Depression, Bi-Polar Presentations, Health & Wellness & Life Transitions. Stuart’s practice offers in-person clients the option of engaging in ongoing Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), guided experiential therapeutic interaction with horses.

Stuart practices via teletherapy and at Corbet Farm

Stuart Bennett, MSW

Stuart practices via teletherapy and at
Corbet Farm