Clinic Partnerships

Easing the Strain on Primary Care Providers

Behavioral health issues such as depression, insomnia, and addiction are very common and contribute heavily to high healthcare costs and poor physical health. Yet only 20 percent of adult patients with behavioral health issues are seen by specialists. Instead, patients prefer the convenience, discretion, and familiarity of their primary care setting.

Your primary care providers are busy enough treating physical health.

IHC Associates is a group of behavioral health therapists who co-locate in medical clinics to improve outcomes and ease the burden of care for PCPs. As healthcare organizations across the country move toward the medical home model, having behavioral healthcare in your clinic will be crucial to containing costs and maintaining quality service.

A Coordinated Care Model

Behavioral health problems can be successfully managed through evidence-based behavioral interventions, leaving primary care physicians free to do the jobs they were trained for. A partnership with IHC will give your PCPs access to on-site behavioral health therapists, who will work collaboratively with your PCPs to coordinate care and increase patient satisfaction.

Recent research has shown that a coordinated care model:

  • reduces the burden on primary care providers
  • improves overall health outcomes for patients
  • increases patient satisfaction
  • provides discreet, convenient, and integrated patient care
  • is a cost-effective and forward-thinking medical care model

It’s good for your patients and it’s good for your business.

Comprehensive Care

As research continues to show the effectiveness of integrated healthcare, more and more medical organizations are evolving their business model to include comprehensive care. In this quickly-changing healthcare landscape, it pays to offer your patients the highest quality care available.

IHC Associates co-locates in a variety of health and medical clinics in the Portland metro area to ensure that our services are accessible and comprehensive. If you would like to partner with us, please call IHC directly today at 503-740-1971 to discuss how we can work together to improve health outcomes in our community and patients.