Assessment for Older Adults

Psychological Assessment

Older Adults

As we age, our cognitive function often declines in areas of memory, judgment, and behavior. While this can be a normal part of the aging process, it can also be the result of a vascular event such as a stroke, blood clot, or aneurysm, or can be the result of the onset of Alzheimer’s or other forms of progressive dementia. Those who care for older adults need a proper diagnosis in order to get their loved ones the best treatment and care possible.

Neurocognitive testing, in conjunction with assessment by a medical professional, can assess cognitive functioning in order to clarify diagnosis and determine the most appropriate treatment going forward. The following are some questions that might be addressed by Neuropsychological testing for older adults:

  • My father recently got lost while driving in his own neighborhood. Could this be a sign of a stroke or dementia?
  • I’ve had a stroke. Should my doctor refer me to a psychologist to determine what my post-event functioning is and whether or not my cognitive deficits are progressive?
  • My parent has been losing things and forgetting names and words lately. Are these problems a normal part of the aging process, or is it something more?
  • My mother has been diagnosed with dementia. How long will she be able to live independently? How can we make a plan for moving her to assisted living or full nursing care?
  • Which medication is right for my husband’s dementia?

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