IHC Associates is a group of licensed mental health therapists in the Portland, Oregon Metro area. Founded in 2007, our providers co-locate in medical clinics and independent offices throughout the region to offer convenient, discreet, and superb mental and behavioral health services to everyone from children and teens to couples and older adults.

We are a multi-service behavioral health company dedicated to helping people feel better and live their fullest lives. With seven psychologists, therapists, and counselors in Portland and surrounding areas, we provide compassionate, practical mental health counseling and psychological testing for a variety of concerns.

Our mission is to provide the best behavioral health care in the most convenient and effective way. Locating our office within existing medical clinics allows patients better access to mental health services and makes it easier for our providers to work with your primary care or specialist physicians to ensure overall health and satisfaction.

Our providers have years of experience helping people to manage the difficulties of life. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, substance abuse, life transitions, grief, and relationship issues are among the many obstacles that periodically keep us from living our fullest lives. IHC therapists will help you put your priorities back in order, reclaim motivation, and find hope.

Whether you are seeking guidance for an individual, a couple, or a whole family, call us today at 503-740-1971 to find a therapist in your area.