March is Social Work Month

March is Social Work Month

You may have wondered why many of our providers have “LCSW” at the end of their names. This is because they are licensed clinical social workers and have a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from an accredited institution.

Providers choose many paths to become therapists, but clinical social work is a very common one. Providers who choose the LCSW path are often drawn to social work in addition to behavioral health therapy, because of the major impacts social work has had on our society in the last half century.

The National Association of Social Workers, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, writes that “Social work paves the way for change,” highlighting the efforts of social workers in many of the seminal struggles of the 20th century, including promoting equal rights for disenfranchised populations, strengthening the social safety net for our nation’s most vulnerable people, and advocating for social justice initiatives.

Every day, social workers tackle persistent social problems, helping students, patients, children, the elderly, and many others to build and maintain strong families and communities. Those who practice mental health therapy as their path to social support choose to help individuals, couples and families to learn the skills and mindset to stay healthy and happy.

Thank you to all our providers, LCSW as well as others, for being a part of the solution! For more information on social work and Social Work Month, visit the National Association of Social Workers.