Dr. Melisa Finch, Ph.D Offers Sleep Class

Dr. Melisa Finch, Ph.D Offers Sleep Class

IHC Associates and Dr. Melisa Finch are offering a new class:

Promoting Good Sleep: Applying the Science of Sleep

IHC provider Melisa Finch, PhD, will teach this ongoing three-session class, using the science of sleep to help participants cope with insomnia and other sleep problems.

Each session of this class includes:

  • A relaxation/imagery experience
  • Education on one or more of the factors influencing sleep
  • Self-assessment and monitoring of progress
  • Setting and review of individualized goals related to healthy sleep practices

This class meets every other week and new members can begin at any session and then continue through the remaining sessions. The classes are billed to the patient’s insurance: there may be a copayment for each session, and a sliding scale fee is also available.

To join this class, call IHC Associates at 503-740-1971 and ask for an initial assessment for the science of sleep class with Dr. Finch.